By the grace of God, Bethel exists as a church for Lake Charles and its surrounding communities where God’s worship and Word defines us, His Spirit changes us, and the Gospel of Jesus compels us.

Youth Sunday School

During the morning hour beginning at 9:30am Bethel offers Sunday School classes for children of all ages, newborn to high school. The purpose of each age appropriate class is to teach, encourage, and equip our covenant children.

We believe that all Scripture, in both the Old and New Testaments, has Christ as the central focal point.  Each lesson is an opportunity for our students to learn who Christ is, why we need Christ, and what it means to be Christ’s disciples.

Age 7 and below

We currently use curriculum provided by Great Commission Publications through age 7.  The goal with our younger children is to study the stories of the Old and New Testament so our children:
  • Know that Jesus died to save us
  • Know that God loves us and forgives us
  • Know that we are a part of God’s covenant family
  • Respond to His love with hearts that trust and obey Him
  • Begin to understand and respond in worship to God

Age 8 and above

Our older children ages 8 and above are studying a comprehensive multi-year curriculum developed by One Story Ministries  This Christ-Centered Gospel-Driven material is designed to help our youth understand God’s Word and apply it to every aspect of their life.  Topics include:  Biblical Worldview, Surveys of the Old and New Testament, and Christian Apologetics.