In the Gospel of Luke (chapter 7) Jesus tells a parable about a moneylender who two different men owed money to.  One of them owed the equivalent of $25,000 and the other 2,500.  The problem with both men is that neither could pay him back. Now, the moneylender does something completely otherworldly, He cancels both of their debts. Jesus then asks a very simple but heart-searching question:  “Now which of them will love him more”, to which Peter responds “I suppose the one who had the bigger debt cancelled.”
If you are new to our website and you decide to come and visit Bethel, you will find that we are all imperfect people who know we have been forgiven an enormous debt – a debt we could never pay ourselves.  We are humbled by this truth, yet we are also encouraged by it.  Our debt was insurmountable, but it has also been forgiven.  God’s ledger with our name on it and our list of sins inside it was transferred to Jesus’ account and He paid it at the cross.
You will also find a people who are sincere about what we believe.  We want to be like those noble Bereans in Acts 17:11 who sought the scriptures for truth.  We believe that God’s truth is important not because knowing truth is an end to itself, but because it’s life changing. 
Finally, we are a community of believers who authentically cares for one another. The first thing that many who come visit notice is the sincere and warm welcome they receive from the members of Bethel. 
Love for God, a heart for truth, and a love for others. That’s our goal here at Bethel.